With all the social media I’ve been doing lately for other organizations, I have yet to find a blog name, format, and style that fits perfectly. One that I would be willing to use a lot! However, I’d say I finally found just about what I was looking for. This one works pretty well. I was able to upload my own pictures to the header, the font is a bit girlie (every cowgirl has an inner princess) and my tag line says it all.

I’ll be “grilling up prime opinions and making a choice”.

My choice for today is to stand UP for the cattle industry. Because we just can’t afford to be sitting down.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you all!

Here’s to the ‘COW’ in us all, be you a cowboy, a cowgirl, or just a plain ol’ cow lover–because we need you too!

~Mal The Beef Gal