In light of my recently rekindled obsession with Pinterest, I found a photo which inspired my blog post for today! In agriculture, it doesn’t matter if you’re young, small, tall, red-headed, or old–there’s a place for you in American agriculture. After all, everyone must eat! Well, I suppose it’s not a must but it’s highly recommended…

While this photo may be darling, it actually explains a lot–aside from the bare baby bottom you see, of course. I guess I could have warned you, but doesn’t the saying go, “Cuter than a baby’s bottom”? Well now the saying goes, “Cuter than a baby’s bottom in his daddy’s cowboy boots and hat!”

My point here is this, simply stated:  when one is born into agriculture a certain bond is formed that no one can break. However, some are trying very, very hard, but in turn are making fools of themselves. We shouldn’t necessarily practice “What goes around comes around.” But we have definitely been turned off by sheep’s clothing from all the wolves prancing around lately. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being Little Red Riding Hood. I’d much rather go to grandma’s house and have a picnic along the way–with roast beef sandwiches, of course–instead of worrying who is trying to bring down my livelihood. And I know it’s the same for most of you, too.

While we all know how difficult and discouraging it is to deal with the knock, knock, knocking of the wolves prowling, we know that our house is made out of bricks, and we have to keep it that way. The house of agriculture–the community that is made up of American farmers and ranchers- is stronger than ever. We have come to build our house of bricks stronger than ever before, but now it’s time to brag. We want the Big Bad Wolf to know we’re home. But next time, he should use the doorbell.

So while some start young in agriculture, some start young in animal protection groups and others. We were here first, and better than that, we’re more respected.

Here’s to the COW-ards those anti-animal agriculture activists really are.

What’s cookin’ on the grill today? Our freedom as American farmers and ranchers. Order’s up!

~Mal The Beef Gal