Seeing as how it’s Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost a three day weekend, I wanted to provide you with some bright and hopefully inspiring logic with a twist of funny in the mix too to get you to Friday. I truly believe in the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But let’s think about this from an agriculture communicator’s point of view.

1.) Pictures are amazing and totally awesome! They don’t necessarily need a caption, but that leaves the interpretation up to the viewer.

2.) If you write about the picture too, then that should be worth about 10,000 words right? Less doesn’t always have to mean more. In my case more (words) is kind of inevitable!

So…Now that we’ve had a little briefing on pictures, here it is: 

Well la-ti-da! Lookie there. Here comes the item on the grill for the day:  Cowboys (and girls) should sleep with their boots ON. Well. Okay. I suppose that could get messy depending on what it is you have been doing all day. Cow pies are for outside and applie pies are for inside. But some folks I happen to know personally wear lots of different kinds of boots. It’s kind of like wearing a bunch of hats, but on your feet and not all at once!So maybe it’s not like it at all. I take it back!

Personally, I have a variety of boots:  inside boots (those worn with slacks for business meetings and conferences), outside boots (those that used to be inside boots but have now been allowed to actually touch soil, among other things), work boots (which are for stepping in the not-so-good smelling things), and rubber boots (those for the extremely messy occasion). So you see, boots more often than not describe who you are and what you do! And you should wear them proudly, no matter the type!

So unless you’re God or George Strait you should remove your boots once you step inside, but always keep them on your feet theoretically to never forget  who you are!

Today I am wearing my outside boots that used to be inside boots. To look professionally nice but still know that I can get work done and accomplish something(s) in the day! And yes, it took quite a long time for them to become outside boots, and I regularly get teased for this speculation. No skin off my nose, my boots were shiny until the day they felt the soil beneath their souls. (Yes, spelled wrong for a reason!)


~Mal the Beef Gal