Have you heard of the acronym, “GTS”? It means Google That Stuff. However, in light of inspiration from a conversation I had earlier today, I’ve changed it to, “MTS”:  Moogle That Stuff. What is a Moogle you ask? Well, I’ll share the story with you to bring you up to speed.

Earlier today I was fortunate enough to present to the San Luis Obispo Beef Ambassador contestants at their beef ambassador orientation. Before practicing the consumer event portion of the state competition the chair person mentioned how our individual, first-hand stories as beef cattle producers are most important. This is purely because folks can just Google any old thing now-a-days, including things that make up a cattle ranch. Which inspired me to think of “Moogle”! The greatest search engine of cattle ranchers and industry members with first-hand stories to share about beef cattle.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize you have everything you need right at your finger tips as an advocate for agriculture. Everyone has a story to tell, because you are famous:  the American farmer or rancher. No you actually don’t wear overalls and have hay sticking out of your mouth holding a pitch fork (all the time)! You care for your animals or your crop daily, and something different happens each day!

Depending on the consumer’s level of interest or curiosity you can vary your story’s concentration to detail, because sometimes it’s easier to spare them a few things, like intricately explaining what it takes to AI a cow or castrate a bull calf. But these are all important stories. The coolest part about our network of ranchers in the beef industry is that we are so varied in professions. Each one of us makes up an integral part of the “beef story” but we might not know someone’s story as much as we know our own! This is where the benefit of social media comes in. If we all share our stories with each other, then that builds our network and we can learn from each other to strengthen our stories. Plus it’s great fun to hear what our friends are up to and advocate at the same time!

Cattle people are great multi-taskers!

What’s your story? Start the conversation. Build the network! Let’s Moogle it!

~Mal the Beef Gal