Since three is my lucky number and there are three “always” in the above sign, then it’s bound to be worth listening to, listening with your eyes that is (Thank you Megan for this amazing piece of advise). Realizing today is Friday the 13th, I have to make a small comment about superstitions. I think superstitions are simply various ways to account for some sort of mistake or weird occurrence with something even weirder! But we’re all guilty of following some of them!

Back on track! My reassurance for the day is to always be thankful for something. I know that generally in the month of November folks post something they are thankful for on Facebook. However, I think that we should internally post our thankfulness for the small things that happen during the day all the time! That way we’ll never forget why everything is so special to us!

So yes, this is a short post, but the sign says it all.

Today I am thankful for the beauty of nature and grateful that I get to experience it first hand every day!

What are you thankful for 365, 24/7?

~Mal the Beef Gal