Go Green! Go Veg! Go Organic!

Have you heard these phrases before? Thanks to Hillshire Farms you’ve also heard Go Meat! But is that something we hear besides on the T.V.?

If I had the ability to add a couple of hours to the day each time I wanted to waste time and make jewelry, paint my nails, or play with cows my days would have 747 hours in them! Of course this is impossible. Sure I can manage my time to fit these things I enjoy doing in my spare time into my schedule, and I do, but don’t you ever have any days when all you want to do is waste time?

Today is such a pretty day, and I could be out walking in a pasture or something, but here I sit studying econ (well, not really, because I’m blogging) for my quiz at 5, but I still have my beading board staring me in the face.

Not to mention I just killed a fly the size of Godzilla with my bare hands–ya, freaked myself out a little bit over how easy that was…but anywho, back on topic!

The point of my little soap box about time wasters is this:¬† There are some things in life that we love doing but have trouble finding time to accomplish. Then there are things in life that are unnecessary that we make time for, because they are important. I have witnessed this first hand within the past week in a case that hits close to home, and I’d like to share it with you.

My friends David and Carrie are conducting an experiment this week. They are practicing a vegan diet for one week in order to understand the prospective of people who are vegan and to broaden their horizons in food products in direct correlation to agriculture producers! Props to them! You can follow their daily updates at http://carrieisaacson.wordpress.com/ and http://agrilifestyle.blogspot.com/.

In talking with David and Carrie, they’ve mentioned the ease of trying something new and the appreciation that they have realized for vegan diets. Granted this challenge will only last one week, I think that it has opened both of their eyes to a greater understanding of the vegan food market and tastes.

Yet, this brought me to realize something this afternoon that I’ll leave with you to chew on. We’ve heard of folks in the animal agriculture industry going vegetarian or vegan to experiment with the diets and choices in order to gain insight on the opposing spectrum. But have you ever heard of a vegan or vegetarian “going meat-eater” for a week to broaden their horizons about what meat or animal products have to offer a diet? It certainly grew my appreciation for my friends Carrie and David who have stepped out of their comfort zones in order to expand their knowledge.

What are your thoughts?

~Mal the Beef Gal