I’ve always had a thing about horses. I used to ride ponies in the Livermore Rodeo Parade when I was little. I was probably 7 or 8. But you see, one time when I was riding Sassy, the marching band scared her and she just plum rolled over on the ground–while I was still on top of her. Luckily my mom swiped me out from under the ol’ gal before she could crush all 45 lbs. of me. This is probably why I was riding ponies and not horses!

Then as I got older, we never really used horses on our cattle. I’ve always been used to herding on foot. Yes, tiresome, but fun nonetheless. So then it came to my knowledge that horses were just big, scary, powerful beasts with minds of their own. Still in a sense true.

The last time I’d been on a horse was two summers ago, on a roping horse, in an empty roping arena…needless to say it chased an invisible calf across the arena when we passed the cute–while I was still on top of him. I hadn’t mastered posting yet, so it was more like a flail! Not helping my horse confidence any! Yet, as of late I’ve been wanting to learn to ride, but no horses have presented themselves to be my trusty steed.

However, today I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and I got to ride Buster the horse!

Out with the wind in SLO today went my fears and preceding nerves as I mounted my trusty steed for the day. Only before warning him that I was to be his Princess for the next hour or so and he’d better take care of me! Call me Dr. Doolittle, but I think he understood!

Over the next hour or so I learned how to gallop (yikes! He sure can go fast!), I herded a roping calf in an arena, AND opened a gate while in the saddle! I mean, I’m no pro yet, but I sure felt like one today!

A HUGE thank you to my friend Quincy for being the most amazing teacher! This girl rocks! Notice Buster’s custom design bridal. Yep, that’s Quincy’s! Check out her Facebook page for Quincy Freeman Designs!

Needless to say I’m sure I’ll be plenty exhausted tonight and sore tomorrow, but I hope there are many more times like this one.

Here’s turning a COWgirl into a cowgirl!

~Mal the Beef Gal

P.S. In my defense I was wearing my K State I ❤ BEEF shirt under that pullover. Have to keep showing the love for the bovine!