Hello all!

Happy May Day! Though today starts the beginning of my birthday month, do you know what it also starts? ~Which is also quite fitting, by the way~ Yes! You guessed it! BEEF Month! How cool is that? Well, if you ask me it’s about a 10 on my coolometer!

I got to thinking this morning how I would help celebrate beef month all month long. My ag-vocating friend, Ryan Goodman, over at the AgProud blog paid tribute to National Agriculture Month with his blog series from many different walks of life in the agriculture community which gave me an idea to put a beefy spin on things for this month in another fun, creative way.

My tribute to BEEF Month comes from a question that I tend to get more often than not. My hope is that we can continue spreading the great word about BEEF, but do so in a fun, thought provoking manner. The question?

“Where did you get that BEEF shirt!”

I must admit, I’ve kind of started a collection of Beefy-T’s. Well, a rather large collection you might say. But it’s fun, and I love it! It helps spread the word of the beef industry just simply by sparking the curiosity of others through visual images. I know there are many cattlewomen and cattlemen groups who make their own beefy-T’s and I’d like to be able to share them with others so that we can all help add a little beefy flare to our styles!

So how does it work? Consider yourself challenged! The Beefy-T Challenge starts NOW! Simply go to “The Beefy-T Challenge” page on Facebook and post a photo of yourself in your favorite Beefy-T! Let us know where you got it and the best conversation you have held with a consumer because of it! Let’s make this FUN! Of course, we have a whole month to build our Beefy-T collection, so some beefy prizes may arise as time goes on!

For now. Accept the challenge. Become a part of Mal the Beef Gal’s Beefy-T Challenge today to help support May as BEEF Month and continue spreading the positive message about the protein we all know and love:  BEEF!

~Mal the Beef Gal