This evening I had an amazing opportunity to visit my friend Emily’s family farm!

One thing I have definitely been missing this summer is animals! Tonight I got my animal fix!


Come to find out this little kitty didn’t like to cuddle before she met me…her name is Mayhem–May for short, which happens to be my middle name! It was love at first sight!

I also got to visit Emily’s two donkeys, horse, two goats, and doggie– and it made my day!!

After dinner, as the sun was setting, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos of the animals in the barnyard.

How’s this for a wordless Wednesday? (in the middle of a wordy blog!)



And then, as the evening came to an end, I decided to do cartwheels on the lawn to round out the day. As anyone on an animal high would do, naturally! With help from Emily we were able to capture this moment, after about 10 tries!

Take 10: I flip for BEEF!



Happy Hump Day!

Mal the Beef Gal