Greetings on a Sunday evening!
Boy, is it great to be back in San Luis Obispo! As many of you are aware, I traveled home from Wooster, OH two weeks ago, and the time has flown by! I am now finally settled into SLO almost completely unpacked with the first week of classes under my belt. It’s looking to be an exciting quarter filled with theatrical productions (for my theater class) and even water (in my irrigation management class), plus much MUCH more. I’m sure it will be Christmas before I know it.

However, I write to you tonight to share with you the battle that was my dinner. Tonight I decided that since I am settled I should celebrate in style–with steak, of course! Having gained what I refer to as my ‘grill confidence’ over the summer with Certified Angus Beef, I headed out to the back yard to fire up the barbey. There was only one problem…I couldn’t get the propane tank handle to turn ‘on’ for the life of me. I tried and tried, and even asked my roomie to help. Together, our large muscles (from eating beef, naturally) just couldn’t get the job done.

If at first you don’t succeed, do what your mother told you.

Throughout this dilemma I was texting my mom sharing with her my excitement for this steak I was about to enjoy, but that’s about the time I ran into this small problem with my grill. My mom suggested a couple things, which made me take a different look at the big picture. Maybe the propane was already in the “on” position.

Sure enough, when I turned the heat knobs and pushed the ignite button–wa la! Flames. Good one Malorie. At this point I thought I had won the battle. Not so soon.

The calm before the storm.

I went on my merry little way to prepare my salad while the grill heated. After about five minutes I returned outside only to find the entire grill smoldering. Yes, my grill was acting up again! As I got closer I could HEAR the flames inside. Not good. Tightening my eyebrows in defense, I slowly opened the lid to find the flames that had started the fire but more of them. A lot more. Not to fear. Certified Angus Beef taught me what to do in this situation, as it actually happened to me once before this summer. I quickly ensured the knobs were in the “off” position and calmly waited for the flames to subside. With my eyebrows still in tact (thank goodness) I began the process over again, but this time at a much lower heat. *Note to self–clean grill a bit before cooking on it for the first time it’s been used since May. At this point the grill and I are now tied. Malorie: 1 Grill: 1.

However, in the end, that grill wasn’t going to keep my steak from me. And because I listened to the Texas CattleWomen, I won the great steak out. Malorie: full, happy, and as big a beef lover as ever. Grill: cold, off, and lonely. Until next time that is.


(Thanks to my roomie Amanda Meneses for playing photographer! Check out her really cool blog here!)

Have you ever had to fight so hard for something you loved so much? Well, I hope you won the battle in the end!

Until next time!


Mal the Beef Gal