Here I am with the NBAP sign before competition. Photo credit goes to Miss Lauren Chase.

I’m back! But where did I go? I’ve spent the past five days in beautiful Sacramento, CA helping host the 2013 National Beef Ambassador Contest! This weekend 32 young people from all over the country traveled to California to compete in the 2013 National Beef Ambassador contest. Volunteers, parents, chaperones, and contestants put one heck of an event in the books–something that I am honored to have be a part of!

My social media pen name, Mal the Beef Gal, first began in 2010 when I earned a place on the 2010 National Beef Ambassador team. It was during that trip to Arkansas that my eyes were opened to the great community that is the American beef industry. Since that faithful journey to Fort Smith, I have had countless opportunities that directly stem from my participation in the National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP). I am forever grateful for the American National CattleWomen, the Beef Checkoff, and other generous sponsors who make this program possible! This program is very near and dear to my heart, and I am honored to have served as co-chair of the contest this year. Coming full circle from being a NBAP team member to co-chairing the 2013 contest, I will always be a beef ambassador!

Just what is a beef ambassador?

Young people who are deemed their respective state’s beef ambassador have a chance to compete in the national contest to earn a place on the five person national traveling team. Three years ago the NBAP brought the junior division to the national contest in which contestants range in age from 12-16. The senior contestants are ages 17-20. The four areas of the National Beef Ambassador competition are consumer demonstration, media interview, issues response, and classroom presentation. Before they compete, the junior contests have the chance to watch the senior contestants in order to get familiar with the contest areas. Then, they compete in only the media interview and consumer demonstration areas themselves. The top three high scoring juniors are awarded silver platters and scholarships and return to their states to continue advocating for the beef industry. In the senior division, each contest area has a category winner, and the five overall highest scoring individuals are awarded silver platters, scholarships, and a place on the National Beef Ambassador team. The team serves a one year ambassadorship traveling the United States sharing the beef story with consumers nation wide. Some events that the NBAP team travel to include the New York State Fair, the Boston Marathon, and the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

A Golden Opportunity

The California CattleWomen dedicated their time and effort over nearly the past two years to ensure this contest’s success. The theme of the contest, A Golden Opportunity, provided the attendees just that with tours of California agriculture, the rich history of Sacramento, delicious meals, and unforgettable hospitality! We had a great time hosting some of the finest folks in the American beef community. Together we were all able to share our passion for what we love- beef and the future of tomorrow’s leaders in the beef community!
The Results!

After a great weekend of meeting new people, enjoying great meals, and spending quality time with amazing folks, a big congratulations is in order to the new 2013 National Beef Ambassador team:

(L to R): Jacquelyn (OR), Emma (AR), Chandler (AL), Erin (MN), and Katie (CA).

I am so proud of the new team! I know they will live their passion and be phenomenal spokespeople for the beef industry! I will also mention that all of the contestants who competed this year were among a caliber the contest has never seen before, and I know that they will continue to share their passion about the beef community, as well!


We are also very proud of Miss Katie Stroud, 2012 California Beef Ambassador, for earning a place on the 2013 National Beef Ambassador Team! This means, generationally speaking of National Beef Ambassador teams, I became a great grandmother this weekend! Pretty good for 21, aye?

(R to L) Malorie, 2010; Jessica, 2011; Kim, 2012; Katie, 2013.

Thank you to all who were involved! Here’s to a great year to come…see you all in back in Arkansas to name the 2014 National Beef Ambassador team!


Mal the Beef Gal