Hello and good morning to everyone!

The title to my blog post today may seem a little whacky, but I’ll tell you what’s more whacky (or is the term whackier?)…I digress.

HSUS is at it again. Unfortunately, that’s probably no surprise to you.


Yesterday, the Humane Society of the United States announced its partnership with California State University, Chico by initiating the “Meatless Monday” movement on their campus.

I have just a few points that I would like to share with you on this topic, and for ease of reading I have provided them below in bullet form:

  • First and foremost, the Humane Society of the United States, more commonly referred to as H$U$, is NOT like any local animal shelter. Their main goal is to destroy animal agriculture in America through political efforts. Local pet shelters help save animals. H$U$ helps give animal agriculturalists migraines.
  • While I am now, more than ever, extremely proud to be a Cal Poly Mustang, I realize that we or anyone else do not stand on a pedestal protected from this anti-animal agriculture activist group. This news proves that H$U$ can, and will, target anyone– even a university with a prestigious agriculture program. I encourage you to get educated today about the dangers H$U$ poses to American agriculture. It’s never too late to learn.
  • I also acknowledge that we have the freedom to make our own eating decisions in America. And trust me– that’s a great thing! But on the flip side of ‘Meatless Mondays’ I surely don’t see animal agriculturists promoting ‘Saladless Saturdays” in opposition. In fact, I believe the reason this movement hasn’t gone mainstream is because, well, it’s almost as ridiculous as the program that has already existed for nine years.
  • As animal agriculturists, we realize the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet which includes meat AND veggies! (like the guidelines of MyPlate tell us, linked in the previous sentence.) I doubt my mom would have ever told me, “Don’t you dare eat those vegetables, Malorie!” But I sure as heck would have missed out if she would have prevented my dad from sharing his T-bone with me to help my teething process when I was just a baby.
    Thanks, Mom (and Dad)!
  • Personally, if you want to experiment with your eating habits, I say go right ahead! In fact, it’s something I would encourage you to do. But this tactic goes both ways. You sometimes hear about meat eaters “going veggie or vegan” for a short time to try out the method. But rarely have I heard of a vegetarian or vegan “going meat eater”. Read about how my friends Carrie and David tested this theory themselves by going vegan for a week in order to better themselves as effective agriculture communicators here!

Needless to say, the best anyone can do is stay educated about HSUS’ real intentions and maintain a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle. I hope that CSU Chico can make an educated decision about their new relationship with the Humane Society of the United States based on the facts. My hope is that they will relinquish their partnership and continue to allow the light to shine on the students, faculty, and supporters of their agriculture program.

But for now, I know one fine young lady in particular who will do a great job advocating on behalf of the American beef industry in this situation. The newest member of the 2013 National Beef Ambassador team, Miss Katie Stroud, is an agriculture student at CSU Chico. What better way to begin your term as a NBAP member? Best wishes to our sister CSU for making this a meaningful educational experience.

Until next time.


Mal the Beef Gal