Happy Day 2 of 2013!

My dad mentioned to my mom and I yesterday, “It just doesn’t seem like 2013 is possible, does it?” Having been born in the 90’s, I myself crave the ways that were when my father and his father, and even his father, were raised. I am certain they were a lot tougher than kids these days have it, and I’ve always pictured myself as a 50’s housewife. That’s just a little beside the point, though. All in all, I’m probably most satisfied with the life I have been blessed with for the past 21 years. Did I mention how thankful I am to live in the 21st century? All I have to do is ask Siri, or Google something to know the answers. This poses the question:  What did cowboys do without Google when first conquering the West? Something tells me they trusted their gut. They lived the “Cowboy Way”. They slept on the ground next to the fire they built with their hands and were woken by the howl of a near-by coyote, not a Pitbull ringtone on their iPhone.

In the first fresh days of the new year I’d like to look back on what the west was actually won on. We know the west wasn’t won on salad, but rather cowboy ethics. Have you heard of James P. Owen? Neither had I until about a month ago when a dear friend introduced me to his 10  principles to live by that are the cowboy ethics.

Taking a trip back in time to when I discovered this cowboy code of sorts~~

“We can all by heroes in our own lives,” said Celeste during our California Young Cattlemen’s meeting in Santa Clara, CA. Thus born the series of the next few blog posts I will have to share with you! Over the next couple of days we will explore together the herd of cowboy ethics James P. Owen came up with. For now, here’s number one:

1. Live each day with courage.

That sounds pretty simple, right? Chin up buttercup. The grass is greener on the other side. One foot in front of the other. How does the famous John Wayne saying go? “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”


I can speak from experience in that regard. It was only about 8 months ago when I first truly learned how to ride a horse. My lack of riding experience was purely due to the vast size of horses and their magnificent power to do whatever they pleased–like buck me off. However, my curiosity overcame my fear of horses and the need to learn to ride trumped my scared feelings.  Once I learned how, I saddled up anyway!

What things have you been afraid to do but saddled up anyway? Are there any particular fears you plan to overcome in 2013? I’ll share mine with you:  come June I will be graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. In all honestly I may be a little intimidated by the “real world” but I’m as ready for it as I’ll ever be, and once I have the next two quarters under my belt, so to speak, I’ll be riding into a career, with courage at my back!

Looking forward to hearing about your hopes and dreams for 2013! Remember–that’s only cowboy ethic number 1. Stay tuned for principle number 2!

~Mal the Beef Gal