“Stationed by the door.” Possibly the most famous line of the FFA Opening Ceremonies to remember my Freshman year of high school by. Said by Beau Williamson, CA FFA State Sentinel. Do any of you remember that? More like, “Stay-tioned byyy the doooooor.”

State officers were absolute celebrities. I wasn’t even aware of the fact I would go to college with some of them when the time came. But who could think about college at age 15? I was more concerned with sporting my own blue corduroy, but not before I became installed as the Livermore FFA Greenhand President in my daddy’s FFA jacket from 1972. Yes, it fit like a glove.

In honor of National FFA Week I’d like to share some highlights from my FFA career each day this week to reflect on the positive impact FFA has had on my life and the way it continues to impact other young people passionate about the future of American agriculture!

My Freshman year in high school I jumped into the FFA with my green thumb (or greenhand, rather) first! A Greenhand is a term used to describe a first year agricultural student. I became involved in the Creed Speaking career development event (CDE) and earned my way to the state contest reciting the 5 paragraph ode to American agriculture, written by E.M. Tiffany. Each sentence of the FFA Creed begins with the phrase, “I believe,” and I really do believe in the future of American agriculture! A couple weeks into the new school year we formed an officer team to participate in the FFA Opening and Closing ceremonies contest. Each meeting the officer team recites a ceremony describing each officers’ duties and to ensure they are all present and accounted for. This was the first time of the MANY times I would recite this ceremony over the next four years. I’m almost positive I could still recite the whole thing in my sleep to this day! I was also a member of the BIG team (Best Informed Greenhand) which tests Freshmen students’ knowledge about the FFA. Our team never really did much points wise, but it was a great bonding and learning experience! Did I mention I was also in the state FFA band that year, too? Clarinet. On stage. Practices until eleven o’clock at night. Once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Here is a photo of me my Sophomore year “stationed by the door” at a North Coast Region FFA meeting.



Through this door pass many friends of the FFA…

Over the next three years I would grow into a young adult learning many lessons along the way because of my involvement in the FFA. Creating memories and gaining friends for a lifetime that I will always appreciate!

Here’s to the blue and gold in all of us! Were you a member of FFA? In honor of National FFA Week change your Facebook profile picture to a photo of you in your blue corduroy. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to post your favorite FFA memory in the comments section of this blog!

~Mal the Beef Gal