Yeehaw! It’s National Agriculture Week, and I’m celebrating…with finals.

Yes, there are 4 tests, 1 presentation, and an 8 mile bike ride that stand between me and Spring Break, but I’m taking a minute to blog, because my friend Karoline suggested I do so. So, this one’s for you Karoline!

Two weekends ago I became official. Yes, Mal the Beef Gal had never been to a real, live branding. Well, save the time I was about three and asked my Daddy why all the cowboys were stealing the boy cows’ potatoes. Needless to say, we’ll leave the naivety of three-year-old Malorie to rest for now.

It was a friend of my Dad’s branding. Rocking Sun was the brand, and it was a rockin’ sun shining day for sure! I had a blast! I made a new horsie friend named Grey, met a bunch of kind ranch-folk, snapped some awesome shots, and enjoyed a delicious meal. Rocky-mountain oysters weren’t on the menu this time, so I’m still in search of that opportunity! Any takers?

Here is this Little Moo I just about had to calf-nap, but in the end decided to leave her to find her real Mama. Instead, I entered her cute little photo into the Ranch House Designs, Inc. Spring Photo Contest!

IMG_0339If ya’ll think she’s as cute as I do, give her a like and help the Little Moo win the photo contest! She thanks moo kindly! Click on these words to be sent over to Facebook and like this picture and RHD, too, while your at it! Please!

In addition to celebrating National Ag Week with this Little Moo, I’ve decided to pay tribute over on Twitter, too! This morning I began with A in my alphabetic sequence of agriculture. Can you guess what A is for? Yep! Agriculture! See a synopsis of my Agriculture Alphabet so far below:

A:  Agriculture
B:  Bovine
C:  Cow
D:  Dairy

Tomorrow I will tackle E-H. Any suggestions?

For now, I bid you a happy Monday night and leave you with my rendition of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster’s “C is for Cookie” titled, “A is for Agriculture!”

~Sing along with me now!~

“A is for agriculture. That’s food enough for me. A is for agriculture. That’s food enough for you! Oh, A is agriculture, that’s food enough for us! Oh! Aggie, Aggie, Aggie starts with A! A wedge of cheese looks like an A. A 3 point hitch looks like an A! A cow pretending to be a cheerleader can look like A! Oh Aggie, Aggie, Aggie starts with A!”

Happy National Ag Week, everyone! How are you celebrating?

~Mal the Beef Gal