I invite you to explore the follow up blog I wrote to this one titled, “Mending Fences” in order to move the dialogue forward with Carrie Underwood about misconceptions animal agriculture has about her. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Carrie replied to this blog in a tweet stating, “I’ve actually never worked with PETA.” Please consider that when reading or sharing this blog.

**This blog is entirely comprised of the opinion of Mal the Beef Gal on a personal blog. Note that this blog post went “viral” over the course of a 24 hour time period due to the reaction of the readers with no intent or expectation of such an impact from the writer of this blog. This blog was intended to relay a point about the misconceptions of Carrie Underwood and her relationship with animal activist groups in order to help initiate a conversation to possibly clear them up to regain the support of animal agriculture for Carrie. Please keep these things in mind when reading and/or commenting on this blog and the next blog titled, “Mending Fences”.**

I simply can’t take it anymore. Just like the next girl raised in rural America, I’m a fan of country music. In fact, it was probably safe to say back in her early days, I was Carrie Underwood’s biggest fan. I had traveled to two of her concerts, made a personalized I ❤ Carrie Underwood T-shirt, traveled through Checotah, OK, and had every one of her songs memorized.

Well, that was then. This is now.

Soon after becoming the California Beef Ambassador in 2009 I quickly learned of my mistake as a star-struck CU fan. I was no longer so amazed when I discovered the true agenda behind my fellow country girl.

Carrie’s misinformed about some things, and that blonde hair doesn’t even fool me.

But she’s so pretty, you might say. She has an excellent voice, you might add. Yes, but what is between her beautiful blonde locks ain’t quite workin’ right, in my opinion.

In 2010 when I became a National Beef Ambassador I had convinced myself that one of my main missions as a Beef Ambassador would be to reverse Carrie’s confusion and misconception of American animal agriculturists and undo her alliance with anti-animal agriculture groups like PETA. It didn’t quite work then, so here’s my beef with Carrie now:

1. First, I learned she’s a vegan. Wait, what? She grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, and she’s as country as they come, according to her genre of choice. Yet, my friend Amanda led a walk out of her concert at the National FFA Convention a few years back because of her alliance with PETA, an animal activist group with hopes of eliminating what the National FFA strives to promote.

2. She is a PETA celebrity. How does that work? Wasn’t she on the Got Milk? ads? How’d that cow’s milk get on your lip, Carrie?

Are you starting to get the picture?


3. Last, but certainly not least, she is simply confused about the most recent bill that has the animal agriculture community’s attention in Tennessee and states across the nation.

I’m taking a stand. While I fully realize that flipping the station when a Carrie Underwood song comes on the radio won’t even make a small ripple for the cause, I am standing solid in my attempt to raise awareness, not my voice.

Again, this is a very touchy subject among my fellow agriculture community members. If you weren’t able to, take a read of my previous blog which focuses on how raising awareness and building communication credibility is most important rather than singly raising your voice.

My previous blog also explains a bit about AB 343 in CA, which is similar to the bill that Carrie is opposing in TN. Here’s my thoughts briefly:

  • A bill that supports the prevention of animal mistreatment should be accepted by all- the animal rights activists; who say they care for the animals, the farmer and rancher; who really do care for the animals and are on the front lines of animal mistreatment prevention, and the consumer; who can trust that the product they are receiving in the grocery stores and restaurants was cared for properly throughout its useful life.
  • Here’s a little bit of my opinion, uncut, raw, and right from my brain flat out- if animal rights activist groups like PETA truly care for the animals then their opposition stance on these bills begs the question:  Why wouldn’t they want videos of livestock mistreatment reported so the action can be stopped immediately? Here is my logical answer:  because in 24-48 hours, the time that most of these bills are requiring the videos to be turned in, the undercover PETA members who captured innocent footage won’t have time to edit their masterpieces into false, horrifically terrifying, gut-wrenching nightmares that in the end would work toward their real mission:  eliminating animal agriculture from the United States all together. Hmmm. Do you know the answer to my question? $

In conclusion, Carrie, you’re a little “Twisted”. I think you would be “Blown Away” if you took the time to ask your questions to real farmers and ranchers (maybe even your family), because you “Ain’t in Checotah” anymore. You would be “Forever Changed” if you took a tour of a harvest facility. I’ve toured one and they are very sanitary-it’s the law! “I Know You Won’t”, but do me a favor and stop saying “I Told You So” until you get your facts straight. It makes me sad that “No one Ever Told You” the truth about how your credibility diminishes by advocating for PETA, when you grew up on a farm. I guess you still need “Lessons Learned”, and I ain’t no “Quitter”. Just “Remind Me” why you stand behind a group who aims to eliminate your family’s lifestyle and mine and I’ll “Undo It”~ everything that I’ve said about you. “Whenever you Remember” just give me a shout. Until then, “Who are You”?

~Mal the Beef Gal