Just a bit over 24 hours ago I sat down at my desk to write an opinion piece to publish on this blog.

So much has happened since then.

There was no way I could have ever imagined the reach that it would receive over the course of just one day. For that I have some people to thank.

First, I say thank you Carrie Underwood for your response.

She said “I’ve actually never worked with PETA.”

Carrie Denounces Association with PETA

Thank you to Amy for tweeting to her suggesting that she read my post and the over 10,000 people who shared this blog on Facebook! Together we made a ripple. Thank you for using my words in the process. Also, I must give a huge thank you to Trent Loos for helping to share this story via the radio waves! Thank you to the over 110,000 people who read my words, as well. I am also grateful to those who have helped initiate a conversation today. Now that the door is open, I hope it can progress to implement future success, conversation, and cooperation. Also, thank you to those folks on Twitter who engaged in conversation. I greatly appreciate your eagerness of wanting to set the facts straight. Thank you for allowing us to do that together.

Most often, and unfortunately, it takes a misconception to be announced in such a way that it can (and should) be reversed. Carrie Underwood did just that today.

But, there is more room for debunking these common misconceptions. Can we try to keep the conversation going in order to explore these things?

Here is a letter to Carrie that includes more questions that the folks in animal agriculture are curious about knowing the answers to from Carrie herself.


As you can see, my initial blog post hit a pulse in the agriculture community.

If you would, please let me help you clear up some misconceptions that folks in the greater agriculture community have about you. Let’s clear them up fair and square, that way we can continue this dialogue together. I want to help you gain more support from the community that you grew up in. Would you mind answering these questions?

  • Have you ever donated money to PETA?
  • Have you ever received financial endorsement from PETA?
  • Have you ever donated money to HSUS?
  • Have you ever received financial endorsement from HSUS?
    (There are things out there on the internet that suggest a relationship between you and HSUS/PETA. Help us understand once and for all.)

If you are curious about the skepticism that animal agriculture has with HSUS, I encourage you to explore their funding statistics. According to their tax return in 2009, only about .8% of the HSUS budget actually went toward shelter grants. You can see where I learned that here. A portion of the rest is spent on lobbying efforts with intentions of eroding the foundation of animal agriculture on which people like you and I were raised.

  • Did you give PETA permission to use your name and image in their “Fur-Free and Fabulous! campaign or any other PETA campaigns? If you did not, we can work to correct that.
  • Will you tell us more about your ‘no-kill’ shelter in Checotah, OK that was brought up in discussion today? We would like to learn more from you.
  • Would you be interested in touring a farm or ranch in the U.S.? We sure can locate farmers and ranchers, and even universities, who will be happy to host you if you are willing to learn more from them.

Here’s an idea:  Would you be willing to work with farmers and ranchers on animal care initiatives in the future and possibly help champion farmers and ranchers who take animal care very seriously, instead of donating money to HSUS?

Now that the gate is open, so to speak, can we mend the broken fences between you and animal agriculturists together?


Thank you to those who have followed, liked, and commented on this blog. I look forward to more civil conversations in the future with which we will learn new things from each other and become more actively engaged in seeking success.

Here’s to continuing the dialogue.

Thank you all.


Mal the Beef Gal