Of course it is no secret to you that Mal the Beef Gal is crazy over beef! But this time I’m not talking certifiably nuts over my favorite animal protein. I’m talking PEAnuts. On top of, and underneath, a ground beef patty grilled to perfection at a “safe and savory 160 degrees F“.

Now, get that look off your face for just a second, and keep an open mind, because it is DELICIOUS! I know how you’re feeling. I thought the same things, because I’m the queen of picky eating. They say your taste buds change every 7 years or so, so I guess it’s about right that at the age of 22 I would stumble upon a whacky combination like this one and love it! (21 divided by 7 is 3, plus a little extra for the additional year is about the cowgirl math I’m used to!)

I first encountered this unlikely concoction of mixing peanut butter with beef at The Cherry Cricket in Denver when I went there for the Cattle Industry Summer Conference a couple of weeks ago. Check out their website, too, because it’s way modern and cool! It’s the kind of thing my graphic design professor in college was trying to figure out how to make himself, because he couldn’t find any ‘how to’ tutorials on YouTube. Way to go Cherry Cricket! You may have seen this hole in the wall bar on Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Well, I’ll tell you one thing:  this peanut butter bacon burger tantalized my taste buds, alright. I was fearful and nervous and really hesitant at first. But after the first bite, I wished there was MORE peanut butter surrounding my all beef patty.

After raving about it for a while, my parents made stuffed burgers last night, so I asked my mom if she had some peanut butter. Suspiciously, she handed me the jar of Jif. She’s a choosey mom. 😉

I could barely snap a picture before I dug in.

PB BurgerOne word:  YUM!

Now, don’t get me wrong. This isn’t how Mal the Beef Gal will be eating her burgers all the time as I recognize everything in moderation is a good thing. And this may not exactly be the perfect definition of a well balanced meal with beef that I’m always advocating. But I do know that it will be a treat I’ll remember for every once in a while when my spirits might need a pick me up.

Are you nuts over beef, like me? Then you’ll definitely want to visit beefitswhatsfordinner.com to check out a whole slew of fabulous recipes for my favorite animal protein:  BEEF! Speaking of what rhymes with slew…any guesses? With the fall fast approaching and the summer grilling months leaving us shortly, be on the look out for great stew recipes to keep you warm and cozy at dinner time!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten that you ended up loving? Please share!

Over and out~

Mal the Beef Gal