I think I have a hangover, and I’m in need of a cure. Don’t worry. It’s not your typical hangover that you’d usually get from indulging in a little too much of the drank, but another kind. The kind of hangover that has your nerves on sensory overload, your brain buzzing with excitement, and your heart beating a million miles an hour! I got my hangover from a party alright, but it wasn’t your average party. It was the #EZBeef Twitter Party, and this beef-loving California girl is amped up!

Now for my confession. You may or may not already know this, but I get drunk on beef. There, I said it. No, there’s no chemical component in my favorite protein that gets my liver working overtime or my nerve endings misfiring. This kind of drunk is almost the equivalent to to how a little kid might act when they’ve eaten a little too much sugar or when a dog gets really, really excited about a new toy. Simply put:  I just LOVE beef and sharing my beef story!

I love it so much that tonight I tweeted my little heart out by participating in the #EZBeef Twitter party! Were you there? If not, you missed another thrilling moment in the history of the American National CattleWomen. Less than twenty minutes into the Twitter party #EZBeef was in the number one trending position on Twitter. Let’s put this into perspective. Basically, of all the hashtags being tweeted on Twitter by Twitter’s over half a billion users, #EZBeef was being used the most. It was awesome! Now can you see why I’m so excited?

I’m such a nerd, that at one point during the beginning of the party I decided to check the trending stats on Twitter to see if we were on the list. To my great surprise, we were not only on the list, we were number one!

EZBeef Trending #1I realize I may have to back up a moment. Are you familiar with Twitter parties? If not, let me lay it all out for you piece by piece. First you must have a host. The American National CattleWomen works with Mommy Bloggers on Twitter to host our Twitter parties about our favorite protein:  BEEF. Then, we ask the Beef Checkoff if they will sponsor our parties. Because of the fantastic outcome of these chats on Twitter they have graciously said yes! We are VERY thankful for the Beef Checkoff! Next, we come up with a topic and a hashtag. Our last Twitter party (where we were the 2nd top trender on Twitter) was #BeefSizzles, a chat about grilling with beef. See?

Beef SizzlesThis time we chose a theme appropriate for a pivotal point in some folks’ lives right now:  back to school. We chose the hashtag #EZBeef to talk about quick and easy cooking-with-beef tips for the back to school season. Clearly, it was a hit! If you want to participate and enter for a chance to win prizes, yes that’s right I said prizes, then you can RSVP with the party host. This time we were very thankful for @ResourcefulMom, Amy Lupold Bair, for hosting us! Finally, once the party starts, the host asks questions and the participants can chime in and share their answers!

Here are some of the things I shared in my answers tonight! Did you know that BeefItsWhatsforDinner.com has basically everything you’d ever want to know about cooking with beef? There are yummy recipes, tips and tricks for choosing the right cut at the meat case, cooking methods and their secrets, and even reasons why beef is good for your health!

I dare you to get lost in all the beefy goodness! I do sometimes.

But remember about my hangover from all this excitement? The cure I’ve come up with may be opposite from how you would typically nurse yourself back to health after a night of partying too hard. The way I see it, I’ve got to keep the party I participated in going! After all, there is so many cool beefy things to share with folks! Like how sometimes trying something new, like peanut butter on a burger, may blow your tastebuds out of the water! Or how a safe and savory 160 degrees F is the optimal internal temperature for ground beef.

There will be more beef Twitter parties to come, but in the mean time, I’ll keep sharing my beef story with the folks who crave it. But what’s the better news? They crave yours too! We all have our own beef stories to share and fabulous resources available to us to help answer questions!

The challenge:  How will you keep this party going?

Put your party pants on, and join me in sharing the beef story. Because we can party ’til the cows come home!

~Mal the Beef Gal