Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Malorie, more widely recognized in the beef community as Mal the Beef Gal. I’ve been a stranger to you lately, and it’s time for me to address a drought.

Every day at work at the California Cattlemen’s Association, I learn about how ranchers are coping with the powerful drought in California that Mother Nature is holding over the heads of countless hardworking agriculturists across the state. This drought is serious. I most definitely acknowledge that and like the rest of you, pray for rain. However, lately, I’ve been struggling with a personal drought as well. A drought that Mother Nature doesn’t hold the key to– I do.

This drought for me has been a blogging drought. I have a new outlet for my writing that I contribute to in my roll at the California Cattlemen’s Association–the California Cattleman, the official publication of CCA. I hyperlinked the most recent issue of the book for you in case you’d like to peruse the pages! I’ve got about five pieces in the July/August issue ~ I hope you enjoy! As of late, I’ve been less inspired to come home to write after spending all day writing at the office, but that’s got to change.

Make it Happen

Here’s some inspiration. Thanks Pinterest! I’ve verbally and publicly (well privately public on my Facebook page) made a commitment to blog more.  And as I sit here with my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, playing in the background after attempting a recipe I’ve wanted to try for a long time from my friend Jenny over at the Prairie Californian, I was inspired to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I figure this has to take some guilt off of my shoulders that has been catching a free ride on my mind for not fulfilling my goal of blogging more. But it’s not just for a personal reason I wrote this tonight. As usual, I hope to inspire you, my lovely readers, whom I appreciate VERY much.

Have you had a goal weighing on your mind lately that you just kept pushing to the back of the coat closet hoping it would disappear like the dust bunnies clinging to some household items you have no where else to put but the small space your apartment complex calls “storage”? Gee, that just kind of flowed out. I really don’t have anything against my cute little apartment, I promise!

Here’s to you friends. Quench the drought. Set a goal and achieve it! Try saying your goal out loud or sharing it with someone you trust to hold yourself accountable. I thank you for helping me stay accountable, and I hope to meet you back here soon.

Until then…make it happen friends! You can do it! Go team!

~Mal the Beef Gal