This could either be a good sign or a very bad sign. When I plugged “millennials” into Google, the ‘things you might also be interested in also searching’ came up as “work,” “technology,” –ok, so far I’m tracking– “hipsters,” wait, what? and “cell phones.” Oh boy. Here we go. Is it just me, or is Google being stereotypical of me and my peeps? Even though I claim all of those things as a millennial but the third… so far.

millenialsLet’s start from the top:  Who are millennials anyway? The ag community has recently turned its focus to this large generation, my generation, because my university said I couldn’t stay – not in so many words, but the feeling was then-mutual so I could get out and explore – I am between 18 and 33, and I’m either figuring out how to navigate the “real world” or starting my own little family, in both cases, especially since I’m female, I’m making food choices for either myself and/or my loved ones. And the ag community wants to help me and my fellow millennials make good decisions. Kind of like a mother hen, which I appreciate. But I’m an exception to the rule.

I am a millennial helping millennials, in the case of serving as an American National CattleWomen volunteer, I’m helping moms, millennials, and more figure out what’s so great about beef and why they (we) should place their trust in beef each and every time they (we) peruse the aisles of the grocery store. Are you confused yet? Let’s break it down now, Molly. [Barbara-Jean reference on the show Reba. Anyone? Anyone?]

My point here is a few weeks ago I made a pledge to blog more. After all, I’ve been a bit hesitant to dip my toe back into the blogging world after the little ripple I caused in the big pond last year. But I’m not going to let that drown me. I’ve been “on my own” in the “real world” for a bit over a year, if you don’t count the three months I lived with my parents after graduation and the three months I spent on the road with HungerU, I’d consider myself a pretty stable career woman now, in the most unstable way. It’s kind of like learning to walk again, but this time there’s no box of Coca-Cola to push around the carpeted floor of a 100+ year old farm house. Forgive me, I’m a bit rambley tonight, and that’s not even a word- Lord help me!

Here’s my idea. Eventually when I come home from looking at a computer screen all day, I’d like to look at a computer screen some more and reconfigure this blog-a-roo. Or at least do a better job of dividing it into categories and calling one section “Millennial Malorie”. I have so many topics I want to touch on so that I can share with you my first year on the lose- getting in your first fender bender, renting your first apartment (not on college campus), cooking your own meals- again, starting your network from scratch- again, finding friends, managing long-distance long-term relationships, what to do if your car gets a recall notice, how to set up a new bank account, what in the heck is a 401K and which benefits package do I chose if I have the option, etc. See? Lots happened this past year, and I’m sure someone could benefit from my heads-up on the topics. Right?

What do you think? If you think back (or forward, depending how you look at it) and ask yourself what you wish you knew or want to know from someone who was in your shoes then and now, what would you ask?

At this point, I’m willing to be an open book. What chapters appeal to you most?

As always, thanks for following along. I appreciate you and your kind input!

~Mal the Beef Gal