About Malorie

My name is Malorie Bankhead (AKA Mal the Beef Gal), and if it’s one thing I love, it’s agriculture!

When I think about the word agriculture, I think about the lifestyle I am thankful to live by. Whether it was helping dad feed the cattle or mom gather the chicken eggs as a child or raising my own livestock in 4-H and FFA, I am confident that agriculture shaped me into who I am today.

Almost 100 years ago my family began raising cattle, making me the 5th generation cattle rancher on the Bankhead side of the family. I grew up on my family’s cattle ranch in Livermore, CA and within me a passion for agriculture was born. In 2010 I served as a member of the National Beef Ambassador team and have been fortunate to call the beef community home ever since. I am a recent graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Communications with an emphasis in animal science. I plan to enter into a career in the beef community in the area of public relations and consumer education.

My mission for this blog is to effectively bridge the gap that exists between consumers and farmers and ranchers through meaningful, thought provoking blog stories that help serve as a glass window into what happens in agriculture.

My goal is to share stories about things that are familiar to a farmer or rancher, but not so much to the consumer through photo journals, candid stories, and opinionated pieces to initiate conversations and fuel knowledge.

Please do keep in mind that my blog serves as a place for me to express my opinion while attempting to provide familiarity of the topics I choose to write about for others. While I vow to bring a polite, well thought out, and meaningful opinion to the table, please consider doing the same when offering your comments to my posts.

My hope is that you learn something you didn’t know before about agriculture, and that together we can be passionate about an industry and a community that feeds your families and mine.

Respectfully yours,


6 thoughts on “About Malorie”

  1. I’m a huge fan of your site! I am also from a farming family (wheat, barley, oat hay, alfalfa) as well as I showed cattle in 4-H for 8 years. Not to mention, my boyfriend is a crop duster. I also am at Cal Poly SLO (surprised I haven’t discovered this sooner), in the chemistry department. Though I will always stand up for the aggies. I love how you approach these scenarios and answer those questions with bringing an educated opinion to the table. It absolutely kills me when people ask, “crop dusters contaminate our food” or “ag majors are pointless”, with my background and now my chemical knowledge, I am so shocked by how naive people are, “No, my boyfriend feeds you, he sprays fertilizers. His job is VERY important. You don’t like wheat farms? How do you like eating bread? Thank a farmer!” Anyways, thanks for sticking up for the people who feed California, I have a lot of respect.

  2. Hi Malorie.

    My name is Kevin Gillespie, I DO, MUCH prefer being called Kev. ). Pleased to meet you. :),

    I am now ‘Following’ your Blog. :).

  3. Kelly DeMay said:

    Hi Mal,

    I hope this finds you well.

    I had never heard of you before tonight and via some farmer friends sharing your Carrie Underwood article on Facebook, met you for the first time. I am a farm girl, born and raised on a family dairy farm in Upstate, New York we milked about 50 brown swiss and were very active in the marketing, showing, selling and activities associated with the industry. I have shown at World Dairy Expo and bred and owned my very own All American (Towpath Jetway Shania). Now that you know we are playing on the same team, one that promotes agriculture and values education, I have to address what you wrote.

    Your Carried Underwood issues remind me of when Meryl Streep went public with the ‘alar in apples’ business and Mott’s had to change their recipe as a result. I am quite certain Streep was no toxicologist, but it didn’t make what she said any less received by the public. I would say that you could lump Carrie Underwood in the same category in that her experience is limited and not necessarily founded. But just because she is blonde and a celebrity doesn’t mean people aren’t listening or paying attention. Rather than poke fun of her, why not give folks some reasons to eat meat. It blows my mind that farmers and ag folks alike are still playing the ‘anyone who doesn’t eat meat is crazy’ card. Or better et the ‘you are crazy to ask where food comes from.” I hate to tell you, that isn’t going to work. And it isn’t going to work because Carried Underwood and Meryl Streep, despite their lack of expertise on the subjects, will always have a lot more followers than you and I.

    Give people positive education.

  4. Great blog, Mal. I think you are giving Carrie Underwood an “out”, tho, by saying she is so in tune with PETA. It is the HSUS she has donated over $100,000 to in years past. HSUS is more “dangerous” because although they are a public charity (and because of that, they not supposed to be doing so much “lobbying”), the IRS and our government are letting them have a pass. They spend millions in lobbying dollars every year to influence legislation that makes it more difficult and expensive for farmers or other animal breeders/owners to do what they do, humanely and economically. Their aim is to use the millions they collect from unsuspecting donors who THINK their donation is being used for animal care. How can it be used for animal care if they don’t own or operate ONE pet shelter in the entire country? HELLLL-OOO?

  5. Hello,
    I’m a student in the FFA, and I raise market barrows. I think your blog is amazing, and hope you will continue doing what you do to help raise awareness about how farmers and livestock breeders really treat their livestock, and prove that groups such as PETA are not painting an accurate picture of breeders and farmers!

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